Roatan Fishing Tournament IX Torneo De Pesca, Municipalidad De Roatan

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Added: 2010-07-23
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Video Description: The 9th Annual Roatan Fishing Tournament held in West End, September 13 & 14th turned out to be a record breaking event! On Saturday, September 13, 2008 the Mad Max boat arrived in West End with a 708 lb Blue Marlin after 4 plus hours of work reeling it in. Congratulations to Gary, Claudio, Pasquale, Robert, Collin and Mario! This 708 lb Marlin has broken the Western Caribbean World record. Thanks to Pasquale at Las Roacas, you can get in on the catch through his I pod video below.

IX Torneo De Pesca, Municipalidad De Roatan offered cash awards as well as
Clock trophies to the winners in a variety of categories Sunday night at the grand
Fishing Tournament festivities. There were lots booths set up with authentic island food to feed the hundreds of people who came to see The Big One that didnt get away!
A parade, floats, bands, marching kids , and cheering crowds filled the sand road of West End Village.

The Roatan Womens Club drew the winner of the new 2008 Harley Davidson Motorcycle Raffle Sunday night as well, which brought loud applause for Jose Francisco Lovo! All proceeds go to funding better health care on the Island of Roatan. Susan Jensen, the President of Roatan Womens Club thanked everyone for their generous
participation in the event.

Enjoy the photo gallery pictures of the 2008 Roatan Fishing Tournament and plan now to be a part of the 10th Annual Fishing Tournament in West End next year where you too can be a winner!
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