Who are we?

To our business partners

Tourism Roatan has become the most comprehensive travel information resource for the island of Roatan, Honduras. Tourism Roatan attracts potential travellers to the website in order to connect consumers with tourism products and services that are advertised and housed on the site. Tourism Roatan’s efforts promote and advertise Roatan to select North American, European and Central American markets. Gain exposure through Tourism Roatan.


To the travelling consumer

Tourism Roatan is a destination management company designed to provide travellers with travel information and connect consumers with tourism products and services. Tourism Roatan assists travellers in the planning of their trip to Roatan, Honduras as well as acts as a travel information resource for those during their trip. Sections of the website also serve as a cultural focal point for Roatan residents, resident expatriates and repeat visitors.

How do we know what we are doing?

Majoring in tourism management in university and with over ten years experience in Tourism Marketing and Destination Management, we have always been interested in how tourism can positively impact a community and its residents. Done responsibly and strategically, the benefits of tourism help build infrastructure, boost the local economy, create jobs and improve the overall standard of living. We feel the website is a perfect way to connect visitors with the community and the community with each other through pages such as festivals and events and our social media network. And the more we learn about Roatan, the more we share it with others.

Our approach

Working collaboratively with tourism partners and businesses, marketing efforts can make more consumers aware of the great things the island has to offer. One of the most valuable aspects of tourism marketing is to encourage travel during traditionally slower times of the year so that businesses and residents have steady income and permanent jobs. Cooperative marketing initiatives can effectively smooth demand, attract new customers and help develop relationships with media and other key partners.

Sustainability and Roatan

The very essence of life on Roatan is the pristine reefs and ecosystems that surround the island. We understand that protecting the local environment is paramount to the long-term success of this tourism destination. We are planning several sustainability initiatives as we move forward. Already on the site, you will see the Roatan Marine Park promoted and highlighted in several places, an example of our commitment to minimizing negative impacts of tourism while helping the community of Roatan benefit from tourism revenue and activity.

Determining the need for Tourism Roatan

Tourism Roatan was born out of our own personal struggle and need to find reliable, robust travel information on the island of Roatan. During the planning stage, it was difficult to find up-to-date, complete information on accommodation, transportation, places to eat and things to do. Upon discovering what a great place Roatan was to visit, we felt people should more easily be able to connect with this destination. One of the fundamental concepts in business is to make the connection between consumers and the goods/services offered as easy as possible.

But that’s only the beginning of the reason we created Tourism Roatan. While visiting the island, we quickly realized this was a special place. The people are extremely welcoming and friendly, the tourism experiences are incredible and visitors seem to slide into a time and place not easily found these days. Despite its growing popularity as a cruise ship stopover, Roatan remains a laid back, quiet place to visit. There were, in fact, times when many of the restaurants, beaches and towns seemed a little too empty.

Tourism destination management encompasses many facets of a destination’s operation. Initially, marketing and promotion helps build awareness and educates consumers of the uniqueness of Roatan. As we move forward, we hope to gain the cooperation of the community and create a cohesive effort in truly differentiating this island from other Caribbean destinations. One of the strongest and most credible ways to increase tourism and tourism revenue is through positive word of mouth advertising. Visitors to Roatan returning home, raving over the exceptional activities, friendly people and service are ambassadors for us and often become loyal repeat customers, returning to the island along with family and friends.

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