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East Roatan

East Roatan


Eastern Roatan is Roatan’s less travelled region of the island. It is not far from the tourism hubs of West End Village and West Bay Beach yet a world away from what you will experience in this Caribbean destination. Pristine, remote and privacy are just some of the words that come to mind when describing Roatan’s east end. Here, one can have entire stretches of white sand beach to themselves, be the only divers at a number of pristine sites and wind through a web of mangrove forest.

What to See and Do in Eastern Roatan

Eastern Roatan makes up more than half the island’s total square miles so it’s no wonder there are plenty of places to explore and many ways to play with nature.

Scuba Diving

While dozens of scuba diving operators head for destinations along the northwestern side of Roatan, east end divers find themselves the sole visitors on most any dive site off the coast of Eastern Roatan. Magnificent walls, dramatic coral formations, pristine sites and no crowds.


Eastern Roatan is a fishermen’s playground. This is prime territory for fly fishers and sport fishers alike. Guide outfitters offer the latest equipment and everyting you need for half day and full day adventures. As seasoned experts in this region, you can be assured you’ll be in search of the big one every time you jump in the water. And when they say, “It was THIS big”…they mean it! More on East Roatan Fishing…


Snorkeling East Roatan is perhaps the most memorable experience for many on their trip to the island. Pristine, vibrantly-colored coral, schools of tropical fish and well, nobody else is around to share it with! Pick a reef, any reef or choose a daytrip like the Pigeon Cays or St. Elena Island. There are no hubs or hotspots; only reef-protected, shallow Caribbean waters where a whole marine wonder world is waiting to be explored. All you need is a snorkel and some fins. More on East Roatan snorkeling…

Ocean Kayaking

Gliding through the open ocean, peeking at Roatan’s rich marine life below; this is ocean kayaking in Eastern Roatan. Just about anywhere you can gain access to the coast is a likely spot to launch a kayak. Here you can find plenty of mangrove forest to explore, sea turtles bobbing to the surface or schools of fish following alongside. More on Roatan Ocean Kayaking…

Kite Surfing

The north coast of Eastern Roatan creates ideal conditions for kite surfing. Kite enthusiasts from around the world seem to know about this strip of constant wind and reef protected waters. Training and rental equipment is provided by a number of operators.

Getting to East Roatan

While Eastern Roatan may look and feel remote in photos, it is easy and a relatively short drive from the main communities of Coxen Hole and French Harbour as well as the international airport and cruise ship terminals. A single paved road reaches to the community of Oakridge then continues as a gravel roadway to further east destinations.

As you near the farther eastern parts of the region, roads can be in varied conditions so it is advisable to use vehicles with high clearance and four wheel-drive capability. Particularly during Roatan’s rainy season, it is recommended that you check on road conditions before driving into remote areas or take a guided tour.



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