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West End Village

West End Village


West End Village is located on the northwestern end of Roatan. Often described as bohemian and somewhat of an enigma, West End is truly unique both in its layout and the people that call it home. Easily the busiest of the tourism hotspots, the village is a mini-metropolis of accommodation, restaurants, bars, lounges, scuba shops and souvenir/artist emporiums. Half the town is fronted by Half Moon Bay, a perfectly crescent-shaped, palm-lined beach; the launching pad for West End wall and it colorful marine life.

West End can be divided into two sections. As you enter the town via the main road it forks to either the right or left. Turning right takes you to quieter, mainly accommodation-focused area of town (although there are popular bars and restaurants as you first traverse the roadway. Iron shore fronts many of the accommodation properties as you venture farther along the northern end of West End.

Turning left when you enter West End takes you into the heart of the village’s eateries, nightlife and water sport activities. A majority of the scuba diving, fishing and water-based outfitters are located along this stretch of sand.

West End is often referred to as “the strip” due to its geographical layout where most businesses are situated along one main sandy roadway. There are small side roads that taper off from the main strip where more of the accommodation properties and located. Dozens of wooden piers jut out from the coastline where fishing charters, scuba trips and water taxis come and go during daylight hours.

As night falls, West End Village becomes a flurry of activity with Happy Hours, live bands and restaurant specials. On most any day of the week there will be a local band playing, karaoke nights, dancing and D.J.’d music. Many of the annual celebrations such as Semana Santa (Easter week), and the Fishing Tournament (September) are held here.

Getting to West End Village

West End Village is approximately a 20 minute drive from the Roatan International Airport and Port of Roatan cruise ship terminal. Allow about 35 minutes to drive from the Carnival Cruise Ship Terminal (Mahogany Bay). Taxes are available (see taxi fare chart on the Getting Around page). Transportation rental agencies are located at the airport as well as in West End.

Water taxis connect with West End Village West Bay Beach (about ten minutes at a cost of about 50L ($2.60USD)) during daylight hours. Driving between the two communities takes approximately ten minutes. Taxis run constantly between the two towns (see taxi fare chart on the Getting Around page).



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