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Roatan Shark Diving

Roatan Shark Diving


Roatan shark diving is easier than you think. You don’t have to be some extreme-sport, adrenaline-addicted person to dive with Roatan sharks. And don’t let dive site names like “Cara a Cara” (which in Spanish means “Face to Face”) scare you away. With impeccable safety records, Roatan dive masters and skilled professionals lead the dives that take you into shark territory and they have numerous years of experience understanding sharks’ behaviours and will brief you in advance so they you are well prepped for your underwater encounter.

What you can expect – dives are held at approximately 18 – 21 m (60 – 70 ft) and divers are surrounded by hard and soft corals. With visibility at approximately 24 m (80 ft), you can expect clear, unobstructed views of female Caribbean Reef Sharks, about 2-3 m (6-9ft) long. Sharks are fed snacks of fish (their natural diet) to give divers ample viewing opportunities.

Roatan’s reef system hugs the island’s coastline so access is very easy. About ten minutes by boat can get you to your launch point. Swimming with sharks in Roatan is easier than you think!

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